At the Museum

The Alta Controversy

  • Opening: June 13th (in Norwegian)
  • Exhibit period: 13. June – 5. September
“Let the river live”, Alta Museum

Opening speech by Matilde Corneliussen Løvvik, board member of Natur og Ungdom.

The Alta controversy (1968-87) is the most contencious hydropower development in Norway. For 15 years activists fought for Sami and environmental interest against the project.

Were there any winners of this symbolically important case? What is civil disobedience? Which role does sivil disobedience play in a democratic society? Would you break the law for a cause?

Main exhibit

Crime and punishment through history. Visit the old Criminal Asylum and see police, judicial and criminal history. See the executioner’s axe, famous cases from Trondheim, the first mugshots, and much more. The museum also has a unique collection from WWII, including an enigma machine.

Upcoming exhibits:

In bed with the enemy? An exhibit about the post-war treatment of Norwegian women with German partners. (opening October 2019)