At the Museum

In bed with the enemy?

  • Exhibit period: 19. September – January 2021

The so-called “German girls” were harsly punished after the war, but had they boken any laws? The exhibition looks at the nuances in the story of the German girls, who they were, what they did during the war, and what happened to them afterwards? How the the government treat them, and by what right were they punished? The exhibition also shows positiv stories, about women who fell deeply in love, and defied everything to be with their chosen one.

Photo: Finn Gulbrandsen/Hordaland fylkesarkiv

The exhibition consists of unique photos from the war and post-war, as well as a pair of scissors used for cutting the hair off a German girl, a film and audio from the book “German girls” by Helle Aarnes.

The exhibition is split in two, and the second part is shows at The Armory. Norwegian Hydro, a company that cooperated with the Germans to produced metals for German warplanes received a different reaction from the government. Even though Hydro was investigated for treason, they were never prosecuted.

Main exhibit

Crime and punishment through history. Visit the old Criminal Asylum and see police, judicial and criminal history. See the executioner’s axe, famous cases from Trondheim, the first mugshots, and much more. The museum also has a unique collection from WWII, including an enigma machine.