Our programs are bespoke

Do you wish to see a little of everything? Perhaps the class is focusing on a specific topic? All our tours can be made bespoke for each class.

Ask for a general tour and we can discuss topics of interest you wish to focus on, at no extra cost. All our programs are adjusted for age.


All our educational programs and tours can be booked at
We usually invoice after your visit.

Small group (7-15 people) 750 NOK
Large group (15-30 people) 950 NOK
Applies to one hour programs. For special programs or unique needs/group sizes please contact us.

  • Primary school
  • Secondary school
  • Higher education
  • Kindergarten

Do you want to see a real police dog? What is the job of a judge? Why do some people have to go to prison? The children get to try on real police hats, try our museum bingo and sit in the judge’s chair.

The grown-ups are given a booklet with information and questions for the children so you can explore on your own, free of charge. If you solve our museum bingo, you get a prize!

The visit is free, but please book in advance at / 46749711

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