To care and punish – Walking tour

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To care and punish – Walking tour

Kalvskinnet is a unique part of the city of Trondheim. During the 17th century it became a district full of insitutions for the sick, poor and criminal. The “To care and punish” walking tour looks at how the treatement of these groups all focused on incarceration, discipline, education and punishment.


Duration: 1 hour.
Place: Justismuseet in Trondheim
Participants: Maximum 30 students
Age group: Adjusted for age

If you wish to see a little of everything, or focus on a topic of particular interest, please let us know and we will make your tour bespoke at no extra cost.


Please book through We will send an invoice after your visit, or you can pay in the reseption.

Large groups (15-30 people) 950 NOK
Small group (7-15 people) 750 NOK
Prices for one hour programs. For special programs or groups please contact us.

There were many places to incarcerate someone in Kalvskinnet, whether they were physically or mentally ill, poor or criminal. We offer a walking tour with a unique perspective of a lesser known part of Trondheim. The tour focuses on the development of welfare by looking back at the history of poor relief, the treatment of the sick, and the rehabilitation of criminals. From the Reformation onward being poor was often criminalised, and there existed a strict hierarchy between the “worthy” and “unworthy” poor.

The walking tour looks at the development of these ideas through the many buildings that were built to house these different groups. The walking tour covers the history from the 13th century to the 19th, but will also look at the personal history of some of the people who were incarcerated.

The tour can also be re-focused to fit the class’ curriculum.

The walking tour starts and stop at the same place, outside the museum. The tour takes one hour, of which about 15 min is walking.

We begin with the history of the Slavery, and end with the building’s conversion into the Criminal Asylum. This illustrates the shift from physical punishment to an attempt at rehabilitation.

Afterwards the class is welcome to look inside both our buildings to see the exhibits.