Guided tours

Guided tours

Covid-19: Limited groups are welcome. Instead of walking around the museum, groups sit 1 meter apart and our guides show objects from our collection. This does not effect our prices.

We offer pre-booked guided tours for groups on various topics.

  • Crime and punishment through history
  • The Prison of Madness: History of criminal asylums
  • In bed with the enemy? The story of the “German girls” during the legal purge. (Available in 2020)
  • Break with the lawful state: Occupation and the postwar legal purge
  • Bespoke tours on desired topics within our fields.

We are currently closed to the general public while expanding the museum. We accept booked tours.

Group up to 10 people: 750,-
Group up to 15 people: 1000,-
Group with 15-30 people: 2000,- (requires two guides)

Questions and booking
Email Phone: 73 50 03 05 Mobile: 46 74 97 11 (Office hours Mon-Fri 10-15)

Schools, higer education or kindergarten: