In the name of the law!

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In the name of the law!

Take a stand, argue your opinion, or change your mind with new information. This activity is combined with a tour of our exhibits exploring the topics of law and order.


Duration: 1 hour.
Place: Justismuseet in Trondheim
Participants: Maximum 30 students
Age group: Adjusted for age

If you wish to see a little of everything, or focus on a topic of particular interest, please let us know and we will make your tour bespoke at no extra cost.


Please book through We will send an invoice after your visit, or you can pay in the reseption.

Large groups (15-30 people) 950 NOK
Small group (7-15 people) 750 NOK
Prices for one hour programs. For special programs or groups please contact us.

This activity is based on the principles of the Norwegian constitution. What can a 200 year old law do for us today? We explore principles such as “No law must be given retroactive effect”, or the idea that no one can be punished without a court judgement.

We introduce scenarios and opinions to the group. The students are asked to pick one corner of the room: Agree, slightly agree, slightly disagree, or disagree. Students learn to argue for their opinion, the importance of making up one’s own mind, and that is it ok to change your mind based on new information or a convincing argument. The goal is not to be right, but to engage in debate and learn the importance of thinking about how we form our opinions and values.

The activity is adjusted for the age of the students, and can be a fun activity for primary school children and adults alike.

After the activity the group is taken on a tour.

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