The Criminal Asylum

The Criminal Asylum

How has society treated people who are both dangerous criminals and seriously ill? The exhibit tells the history of high-security psychiatry in Norway's first criminal asylum, opened in 1895.

Confiscated objects from patients


The exhibit CLUES is about the police's role in the justice process, the what, how and why. Under the rule of law, no one can be sentenced without guilt being proven. The police serves the public by protecting citizens and investigating and preventing crimes.

A wall of evidence from the old Criminal Museum

The War Exhibit

The War Exhibit

The exhibits intention is to inspire reflection on what happens with the rule of law when an authoritarian power takes control. The tools used for torture by the Rinnan group is shown, and the Enigma machine.

The Enigma machine

The Uniform Exhibit

Uniform exhibit

The first appointed chief of police was in Trondheim in 1686, but it was not until 100 years later that the police wore a uniform. The exhibit showcases the history of the uniform from 1796 to today.

Uniformshjelm, Oslo, 1895

1895 police helmet



Why do we punish? Laws and rules lose their meaning if breaking them does not lead to any consequences. The earliest known acts of punishment focus on revenge and retribution, through fines and exile.

Branding iron used on convicted criminals

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The National Museum of Justice

The National Museum of Justice

Welcome to the Norwegian National Museum of Justice, located in Trondheim, Norway.

The museum is housed in two buildings, the Criminal Asylum and the old military hospital. Our reception is in the old military hospital. You can purchase your ticket on arrival.

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Stiftelsen Justismuseet


The underlying idea in all of the museum’s educational work is to convey the law’s positive function in society, and the idea that loyalty to the rule of law is connected to loyalty to the community, as well as the individuals within that community.

Buildings of incarceration

Read about the many buildings used for incarceration in Trondheim

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