Justismuseet har åpent hver dag under Olavsfest! Fra mandag 29. til søndag 4. har museet åpent kl. 11-16.

Det blir omvisning på Kriminalasylet kl. 13 på hverdager. I tillegg blir det utstillingsåpning av "Ludvig Wang" onsdag 31. juli kl. 15.

Summer tickets
One ticket, two museums

Visit two museums with the same ticket between May 15th and June 15th. On the purchase of a ticket to us or the Jewish Museum Trondheim, you can use the same ticket for the other museum.


The national museum for the police, courts and prisons in Norway.

Open all year: Tuesday-Sunday 11 pm - 4 pm

Jewish history in northern Norway.

Open May: Tuesday-Thursday, 11-3 pm. Sunday, 12-4 pm.
Summer hours: Monday-Friday, 10-4 pm. Sunday 12-4 pm.

The criminal asylum

The criminal asylum

How has society treated people who are both dangerous criminals and seriously ill? The exhibit tells the history of high-security psychiatry in Norway's first criminal asylum, opened in 1895.

the executioner

The executioner's room

The exhibit shows different forms of punishments that existed in King Christian Vs Norwegian law from 1687 up until the last beheading in 1876. Shaming punishments were conducted in public.

Les om hvordan "spektakulære straffer" ikke bare skulle være vanærende for den dømte, men en lekse til alle tilskuere.

Pliers used to torture the convicted before beheading

Clues and punishment

The two exhibits look at two sides of the justice system. In Clues you can view original evidence from crime cases from the early 19th century to today. In Punishment you can touch original foot chains and learn how and why society punishes criminals.

Klikk for å lære om hvordan henrettede før ikke ble gravlagt i kirkegårder fordi de var uærlige
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The National Museum of Justice

The National Museum of Justice

Welcome to the Norwegian National Museum of Justice, located in Trondheim, Norway.

The museum is housed in two buildings, the Criminal Asylum and the old military hospital. Our reception is in the old military hospital. You can purchase your ticket on arrival.

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Stiftelsen Justismuseet


The underlying idea in all of the museum’s educational work is to convey the law’s positive function in society, and the idea that loyalty to the rule of law is connected to loyalty to the community, as well as the individuals within that community.

Buildings of incarceration

Read about the many buildings used for incarceration in Trondheim

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