Explore the museum!

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Explore the museum!

The museum is for everyone, regardless of age, their ability to focus or to be quiet. We would like to invite everyone curious and adventurous to explore the museum with a guided tour designed around the visitors’ needs.


Duration: up to 1 hour guided, but you are welcome to stay as long as you like
Place: Justismuseet in Trondheim
Age: for all ages and needs

Here your experience is customized so that everyone can explore the exhibits and the old criminal asylum, while a guide answers questions and facilitates the visit. Explore Trondheim’s old slavery and criminal asylum, feel the weight of the old chains, try the judge’s chair, look at real evidence from crimes, the executioner’s tools and objects from the second world war.

Our guides have experience with all types of needs. At the Museum of Justice there is something for everyone! Here you can pick the topic that interests you, or we can go together to discover what seems interesting that day.

Visit both or one of our buildings and a variety of topics. We also have an educational room, our courtroom, that can be used for lunch, a reading/activity room or a break room.

Contact us at formidling@justismuseet.no