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Explore true crime from Trondheim. See the earliest fingerprint case in Norway and discuss cases old and new. Join a dialogue-based tour of our main exhibits, a journey through the criminal justice system.

In CLUES we explore the police’s role in the judicial process. The investigator’s what, how and why.

In GUILTY? you will find the court sketches of Ane Hem (b. 1979). Hem has observed and drawn a number of court cases as part of the media’s coverage of serious criminal cases.

In PUNISHMENT we invite visitors to reflect on how and why we punish through four main principles: safety, deterrence, rehabilitation and society’s sense of justice.

An educational tour of our exhibits can focus on many different topics: justice, fairness, the rule of law, the purpose of punishment, criminality and the justice-based society. We take a historic view to look at contemporary questions about law and the concept of justice.

Our tours are dialogue-based, meaning we encourage the students to shape their own tour. We can focus the tour based on the class’ interest.


Group 7-15 people
NOK 750,-

Large group 15-30 people
NOK 950,-

Groups smaller than 7 or with special needs please contact us for pricing.

Contact information:
Tlf: 73 50 03 05 | 46 74 97 11
Office hours are Mon-Fri, from 10 to 15

Why do we punish?

Why does a society need to punish certain acts? Join us on a tour of the old Slavery and learn about punishment throughout history!

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